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Bala Bay Inn

Bala’s historic red brick hotel has been revived and is coming at you live summer of 2024. In…

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Muskoka Foundry

Muskoka Foundry is a one of a kind venue for food and events in Muskoka comprising of shopping…

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Bracebridge Hall business listing image

Bracebridge Hall

Situated in an early 20th century carriage house and just steps from the falls, Bracebridge Hall is a…

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Golden Feather

Golden Feather is a project inspired by the love of music that takes its listeners on a journey.…

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This Bob Marley tribute is infectious, it spreads instantly through everyone listening. Symptoms include perma-grin, an uncontrollable urge…

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The Aeroforce mission has always been to faithfully reproduce the spirit of Aerosmith in look, sound and atmosphere.…

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Bright, punkish, emotional guitar-rock record that ultimately tracks the process of learning to be okay with not being…

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Blowing audiences away since 1994, Sandman is Canada’s best Metallica tribute band. For complete event details please follow…

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Lemon Pistols

Their groovy riffs and vivacious stage presence will leave you wanting more! Don't miss this energetic set with…

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Fleetwood Mac Mania

A stunning visual and musical tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Each veteran player in this tribute band brings their…

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