Port Loring & Restoule: Off The Grid as Nature Intended

At the northern tip of Ontario’s cottage country you’ll find one of Nature’s hidden gems – and a vacation paradise.

If you seek a cottage country getaway that offers more tranquility than you’ll find in other areas of this popular region, then Loring-Restoule is worth a closer look.

Both Port Loring and Restoule – as well as the many villages around them – are located by travelling across Highway 522, which connects Highway 69 and Parry Sound in the west to Highway 11 and Trout Creek in the east.

Photo shows White Birches Camp in Port Loring, Ontario: www.whitebirchescamp.com

With part of it traversing what’s known as the “Golden Valley,” the route to get to Loring-Restoule is a stunning scenic drive of rolling hills and farmland.

On or near Highway 522 are three generally lesser-known – but no less spectacular – provincial parks, Grundy LakeNoganosh Lake and Restoule. Camping here is not as crowded as at the more famous Algonquin Park, and the rugged terrain makes for breathtaking views everywhere you turn. Operating in the warmer seasons, the parks offer programs and activities, as well as plenty of water and trails to explore; and the fishing is great!

Loring-Restoule is also home to the Wolf-Pickerel River Canoe Route, over 50 km of navigable waterways which links the region with the French River and Georgian Bay in the west. A canoe trip here is particularly unique, as described by the ‘Happy Camper’ himself, Kevin Callan, who went exploring this impressive water body with his daughter in tow. 17 campsites are found along the way, as well as a some neat places to eat and stay.

Photo by Kevin Callan of The Pickerel River in Loring-Restoule

The Loring Deer Yard: Unique in Ontario

This area is also home to Ontario’s largest white-tailed deer herd (numbering up to 10,000). Located 5km down Little River Rd in the Golden Valley, the yard features 3.6km of trails on Crown Land that winds around wetlands, and where locals and residents once fed the population on behalf of the MNR to help keep them healthy through the winter. The community no longer does this, but the deer keep coming anyway to “yard up,” so there’s a good chance you’ll see them when you visit.

The Loring Deer Yard is now a historical and nature interpretation site. The original deer viewing station is still on site and in good repair, trails are cleared by local community groups, and there is parking as well.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits

Loring-Restoule is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast, offering everything from fishing to boating to ATVing and everything in between. Away from your daily hectic schedule, here you’ll reconnect the essentials of life in one of the most beautiful places in the province. You’ll also find many welcoming accommodation providers who’ll make you feel right at home. There are also many unique attractions and galleries, including the hands-on Board’s Honey Farm – Northern NectarsClick here for great places to dine as well. And don’t forget to check out the weekly Argyle Farmers Market in summer months.

To plan your getaway to beautiful Loring-Restoule this spring and summer, CLICK HERE.

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