Screaming Heads

Midlothian Ridge, R.R.#1, Burk's Falls, Ontario

The Druids believed in the dualities – good, bad, north, south, black, white, presence, absence. When the sun rises in the east it lights up one side of the disk, so you have a light side and a dark side, one benign and the other sinister; yet as the day progresses the differences blend then gradually reverse, much like the yin/yang notion of the Taoists. The fact that two such disparate cultures could generate such similar concepts indicates how profound these concepts are and suggests their worthiness as a topic for a major work of art, more so since the arrival of the new era. It is this that inspired artists Peter Camani to create the Screaming Heads. Located on his property in Burk’s Falls, this is a must visit site when travelling the area.