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From Bog to Bottle to Bands in Bala

When it comes to live music in Ontario’s cottage country, the town of Bala reigns supreme. Located here you’ll fin d a heritage pavilion, formerly Dunn’s and now called The Kee to Bala, which has been a summer hotspot for  countless Canadian and international musicians, from Glenn Miller and Louis Armstrong back in the day to acts like Drake, Blue Rodeo, The Ramones, The Tragically Hip and The Sam Roberts Band. This massive former dance hall has drawn people in from around the world to Muskoka, and a visit tdoesn’t seem complete without enjoying a few beers and taking in a concert at The Kee to Bala (including the craft beer available).

the kee

balacadeBala is also a fantastic family travel destination, with lakes, rivers and cottages all around. One of the
main roads, Bala Falls Drive takes you to, not surprisingly, a little waterfall. Near here are some other interesting spots to spend some time, with the Balacade being a favourite of mine – Muskoka’s only old-time arcade. There is an interesting antique gun collector shop in town and some other fun, country-style shops to enjoy as well.

Hiking trails are all around, but one of the best places for spotting wildlife is on the trails at Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery. This family-run farm is a short drive from the heart of Bala, and is home to Ontario’s most famous cranberry bogs. In early mornings, sometimes herons, moose and beavers and other forest creatures are often spotted around the trails here.

signIf you visit in the afternoon, there is a guided ‘Bog to Bottle’ tour you can take three times daily, where you learn all about cranberry bogs and the wines produced here. One thing that surprised me was that cranberries don’t grow in water like you see on TV.; they’re on little vines and grow on the ground. Flooding of the bogs is done on purpose to make it easier to harvest them! They also flood the bogs in winter and spring to protect them from frost. I also learned that cranberries are actually white! They only turn red when they’ve been exposed to cool temperatures.

Of course, after checking out the bog, you can sample some award-winning berry wines! A full sampling is $10 and allows you to try cranberry wine, and other local berry wine specialties like Muskoka Red, which is an oak aged wild blueberry wine. They sell fruit wines along with other sweets, cheeses, honey and locally-made treats as well…most featuring the ruby-red berry.

winery 2As an added bonus, the entire farm and trail area are licensed, so you can grab a snack, some cheese and some wine, then head out to a quiet spot in the forest and have a picnic.

IF YOU GO: You can spend a whole day at the marsh and winery and still not do it all, so plan your visit ahead of time. 


Bala Cranberry Festival

Beaver Run Golf Course

Bala’s Museum with Memories of Lucy Maud Montgomery 

Iroquois Cranberry Growers

Moon River Lookout

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