Unplug and Unwind at the Resorts Of North Muskoka

Let Nature work her wonders in Ontario’s cottage country to bring you health, happiness, rest and relaxation.

Something really amazing happens when you trade the busyness of city life for the incredible natural landscape of Muskoka. A trip to the woods and lakes of this iconic destination will see your stress and anxiety levels reduced, your thinking and creativity boosted, and your slumber at night perfected (it’s all that fresh air, don’t you know…).

Leaving the urban grind behind means truly unplugging – being brave enough to ditch your phones and electronic gadgets for a bit. But at one of the fine Resorts of North Muskoka, you’ll find plenty of fun stuff to occupy the hours instead – all of which will leave you renewed and rejuvenated.

Before There Were Smartphones…

Consider all the captivating experiences you can have in the forests and on the waters of this beautiful place. Want to get your heart racing? Give tubing or waterskiing behind a ski boat a go. Try windsurfing for the satisfaction of propelling yourself across a lake. Grab your mountain bike for an exhilarating ride through lush green forests. Or take a hike at Algonquin Park, Arrowhead Provincial Park, Echo Valley Trails or the Limberlost Forest & Wildlife Reserve for the compelling silence of the woods, and to inevitably find a breathtaking vista or two. Most of the Resorts of North Muskoka have their own spectacular hiking trails to explore as well.

Glide across a pristine lake in a canoe or kayak, or on a stand up paddle board, and let the gently lapping water soothe you. Many of the resorts have lots of equipment available for use by guests – from water parks to paddle boats – so be sure to inquire when you call to book.

As soon as you arrive at your resort, keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of amazing wildlife. Deer, fox, raccoons, loons and the occasional moose are all frequent visitors to the Resorts of North Muskoka properties (and if you’re lucky you’ll see a Saw Whet Owl staring back at you…)

Sitting around and doing nothing is a particular skill some folks need to re-learn when they’re on vacation in Muskoka. Bask in the sun on a beach or dock by day, and warm yourself in the evening in a Muskoka chair next to a roaring bonfire by night (where you’re most likely to roast a few hot dogs). Truly lazing about on vacation means finding some shade and a breeze to gently sway the day away in a hammock. And bring all the books you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy them on the dock, in a cozy cabin, or by flickering firelight.

Unplugging in cottage country also means experiencing a different kind of night life, too. With light pollution a fraction of what it is in more populated areas, a starry night sky in Muskoka will leave you marvelling like a kid again at all the brilliant lights above – and you may even see the famous Northern Lights.

Create great conversation and memories over a relaxed meal in your own cottage kitchen or at a crackling fire pit. Watch your kids make life-long friends on the beach or in the playground, and make some of your own while roasting marshmallows over a communal campfire.

Most importantly, when you escape to the Resorts of North Muskoka, you can reconnect with family and friends, and with yourself, too. If you’ve ever been guilty of checking emails during dinner or texting your kids from another part of the house, a waterfront vacation minus your electronic devices will get you a little closer to loved ones, without technology getting in the way. (But don’t worry: if you absolutely MUST check your inbox, there’s plenty of WiFi in these woods as well.)

This spring and summer, check-out of your busy urban life and check-in at the Resorts of North Muskoka instead. Take advantage of off-peak rates in May and June, as well as fewer crowds and more availability.

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