Snowmobiling in Port Loring Ontario: Club Q&A

Al & Elaine DareAs owner, with his wife Elaine, of Beautiful Wilson Lake Resort in Port Loring, Ontario, Al Dare is keen to share his knowledge of the snowmobile trails in the northern-most part of the Explorers’ Edge region with visitors and locals alike.


Where is your club located in Explorers’ Edge?

The Argyle Riders Snowobile Club is part of the Near North Trails Association and we’re located in the Loring-Restoule area, south of Lake Nipissing.


What would you say to someone considering a snowmobile trip to your neck of the woods?

We have a number of incredible assets here! With three groomers working 300km of trails you can be sure every trail gets done two or three times a week. And our signage is some of the best around. Also, Port Loring is a quaint little town. The people here are casual and friendly. If someone pulls up to the gas station and it’s closed, someone will be around who knows someone with the keys and they’ll get you sorted out. If you’re lost you can be sure it won’t be for long. It’s that personal touch. We’ve had people who took a wrong turn, needed help and ended up getting a lift to their trailer all the way down in Parry Sound!


How do your trails compare what you’ve seen in other parts of the country? Any favourite trails or loops?

I don’t really have a favourite trail; they’re all looped so you really get a chance to try them all. It’s very scenic everywhere you go. A lot of trees and forest with beautiful lookout spots. Bridges that overlook stunning waterfalls. And you’ll see lots of wildlife, like fox and wolves. We also have the largest white tailed deer population in Ontario.


Are there any events you’re looking forward to this season?

I always look forward to the Arglye Riders Poker Run and Argyle Lions Winter Carnival, held annually on the first Saturday of February. It’s an event with great prizes that coincides with the carnival. There’s always something new, with enough to keep the whole family busy all day. Then everyone comes together for a big dinner that night.

Jakes Place

Can you recommend any restaurants for the visiting snowmobiler?

We have two fantastic restaurants that are both right on the trails. There’s Roxie’s Diner on Trail AR-503 and there’s Jake’s Place (on Trail C 105-D) which has been around for 35 years. And Jake is the president of the Argyle Riders.

Are there any snowmobile-friendly places to stay?

We have Tornado’s Resort on Trail AR-501. If you want to see snowmobile-friendly have a look at the website for the Wright Point Resort! They’re located on Trail AR-510. And on Trail AR-503 there’s the four-season Northland Motel. All experienced with and happy to accommodate snowmobile groups of any size.

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