Snowmobiling in Parry Sound: Club Q&A

Rosseau Road Power Sports & MarineFor Bill Park, owner of Rosseau Road Powersports & Marine in Seguin Township near Parry Sound, Ontario, snowmobiling on the trails of the South Seguin Snowmobile Club (SSSC) is the most fun anyone can have in winter. He also volunteers with the Parry Sound Snowmobile District (OFSC District 10), working to create the best sledding experience possible, for visitors to the region.

Of the SSSC trails, do you have any favourites?

The Mountain Trail (TOP C Trail) is one of the all-time best on the planet. It runs between the Quality Inn and up to Highway 124. It’s got a lot of scenery like huge hills and you cross the rapids of the Seguin River on a Bailey Bridge. There are a lot of swamps and hills, so it’s a difficult one to open, but it’s worth it.

I’m a history buff. I find it interesting knowing what a place was in the past, so I also love the Seguin Trail. You pass through old ghost towns like White Hall and Swords. There were a lot of sawmills and farmers up here before. The area is so gorgeous that it’s mostly used for recreation and tourism now. It’s the kind of place where you can come up, head into the bush, shut off your engine and just enjoy the quiet.

Why do the groomers go out at night?

When the sun goes down there’s less traffic and the colder temperatures are better for forming the trails. It’s best if they do it all in one go, so it tends to be a long run. Today we opened the Seguin Trail that runs right out to Sprucedale. That’s only about 40km but it takes the groomer 12 ½ hours.


Are there any events that you’re looking forward to this season?

The South Seguin Snowmobile Club and the Six Star Snow Riders are teaming up again for our annual Poker Run on February 14th, 2015. We’ll have a grand prize of $3000. It ends with a roast beef dinner buffet at Grand Tappattoo Resort on Trail 221. The new owners at \Grand Tappattoo are putting a lot of effort into the snowmobile community. They’ll be offering a special rate for snowmobilers that night.

The Radar Runs on Horseshoe Lake are always a lot of fun. On February 28, 2015 we’ll have quarter mile of prepared track with radar guns set up to see how fast you can go.

What do the SSSC trails have to offer the snowmobiler visiting from another part of the province or from the U.S.?

Well, the SSSC only has 120km of trails so you’ll also want to check out some of the other five clubs operating in the Parry Sound Snowmobile District. That’s almost 1000km of varied trails in the most remarkable part of the world! With all services covered, from fuel and rentals to restaurants and resorts, you can ride the way you want to. Go for an epic multi-day tour or just do a 60km jaunt and then head back to the hotel to recoup back at the spa.

What about travelling with the family? Do you see a lot of that? Are there places to stay that can accommodate couples and kids?

Snowmobiling is a family sport. We see so many “his and hers” repairs at our shop, Rosseau Road Powersports & Marine. For services there’s really too many to list. My advice: Load up your sled, come to our area and you’ll find everything you need for a great tour!

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