Really Pet-Friendly At Pine Grove Resort Cottages

If the idea of leaving Fido behind while you head to the great outdoors leaves you barking mad, then plan to bring your pooch to Pine Grove Resort Cottages in beautiful Port Loring, Ontario.

There’s pet-friendly – and then there’s really pet-friendly. At Pine Grove Resort in Ontario’s cottage country, the perfect vacation is waiting for you and your canine companions. Not only are  “well-behaved” pups welcome to stay and enjoy the stunning natural landscape here on the Pickerel River, there’s also a ton for them to do.

With access to on and off-leash areas, your dog will have her own incredible outdoor adventure, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells that come with being surrounded by towering, lush forests and sparkling blue waters. Introduce your urban pet to the great Canadian wilderness and watch him thrive in this natural habitat. (City dogs are often a little stunned at first by the vastness of the outdoors, but it doesn’t take long for them to find their innate spark that comes from being a dog in the woods and on the water. Then watch them go!)

Distinct from other pet-friendly accommodations that only let your pet stay in the room, at Pine Grove Resort Cottages, where you go, your dog can go too.  So if you’re cooling off at the beach, Fido can refresh himself too. If you’re fishing off the dock, Fido can keep an eye out for the big ones.

You can also take him for a trip on the Pickerel River in one of several boats available, or go hiking together on Pine Grove’s 250+ acres of forested private land. The resort also maintains the “Dog Patch,” a small agility course complete with jumps, an a-frame and weave poles to exercise and challenge dogs of all breeds. Your furry friend is free to explore all of these amazing options with you and any other canine guests.

But what makes Pine Grove Resort so exceptionally pet-friendly? This warm, fuzzy welcome for animals comes from the Chambers family themselves, owners of the resort. With three dogs in their own clan – Martha, Sema and Bookaboo – the Chambers know how incredible time spent in the wilderness is for not only the dogs, but also for pet owners who want to give their animal friends a healthy and relaxing time in the great outdoors. They also recognize that many of their human guests can’t enjoy themselves entirely on vacation knowing they’ve left an important member of the family behind.

And for cat lovers – don’t worry: this exceptional resort hasn’t entirely gone to the dogs. While happy mutts make up the majority of animal guests, feline friends are most welcome too.

This summer and fall, plan a relaxing getaway to the great Canadian wilderness north of Toronto for you and your pet. All of you are really welcome at Pine Grove Resort Cottages in beautiful Loring-Restoule.

For more information on the resort, its pet-friendly policy and tips for experiencing the great outdoors with your pooch, click here. To book your stay, click here

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