December 7 - January 8 – Threads of an Unwritten Future by Kelly Ruth

Edmonton artist will be in residence at NAISA to present her performance installation piece “Threads of an Unwritten Future.” She will use the sounds of a weaving loom manipulated by electronics effects pedals and integrate that into her customized environment in Second Life. A YouTube screening of her performance in Second Life will be included in the 12 hour broadcast festival on December 12th at 2pm called You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death.

When the pandemic resulted in gigs being cancelled, artist and musician Kelly Ruth looked towards performing in the virtual world of Second Life. Meeting other artists there she began collaborating, building community and skill sharing. Her creative practice now happens in large part remotely through her avatar in virtual worlds that she custom builds and explores in her hybrid performances.

“As the world becomes more digital and remote connections are normalized, I believe that collaborating, creating and presenting art in social 3D based virtual worlds will exist more and more. Engaging in art in immersive environments through an avatar representation of oneself allows the audience member to engage with the work on their own terms in a playful and creative way that often blurs the relationship between audience and artist.” – Kelly Ruth

For complete event details please follow the link provided.

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