June 20 - September 23 – Sixteen Chimes by Alexandre Klinke

Sixteen Chimes is a sound art installation that features 16 chime bars, each one controlled electronically by a custom-made circuit. By placing the chimes in different parts of the gallery, the installation emphasizes the spatial nature of sound, and its interaction with distinct acoustic spaces. The generative aspect of the piece is determined by the irregular beats that each chime makes, repeating every 1 to 25 seconds, which can be modified by exhibition visitors from a knob located with each chime. The result is an ever-changing composition that is affected by the audience’s interaction with the piece.

With the prospect of Artificial Intelligence affecting several aspects of our society in a pervasive manner, Sixteen Chimes encourages constructive collaboration between humans and machines, inviting reflection on how a system can be modified collectively, and how the effects of individual actions shape the outcome of an event at any given time.

Sixteen Chimes employs aspects of generative art and sound spatialization, using physical sonic objects that can be manipulated by the audience, without the use of computers or audio speakers. The ever-changing musical piece creates an immersive sonic environment, where the public can observe different aspects that affect one’s listening experience.

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