Yummies in a Jar

1002 Earth Park Rd, Baysville, Ontario

Yummies in a Jar is produced in Baysville by Lynn Murden; owner, cook and chief bottle washer of Yummies in a Jar. The product line consists of homemade jams, dessert toppings, pepper and herb jellies, fat free vinaigrette dressings and marinades and pure maple syrups infused with fresh fruit or liqueurs. All products are handmade and hand packaged on site. Every recipe has been created in our own kitchen to ensure flavours unique to Yummies and each product is prepared in small, individual batches using only the finest ingredients.

Yummies are available at selected Ontario retailers and craft shows, through mail order or directly from our beautiful 2,000 sq ft gallery in Baysville. Yummies are sold either individually or in gift boxes. We hope you enjoy our Yummies in a Jar as much as we enjoy making them for you!