Rich Hill Candles

193 Manitoba St, Bracebridge, Ontario

A clean burning, high quality candle is so much more than just wax and a wick. At Rich Hill Candles, our chandler has spent many years investigating, experimenting and perfecting the recipes to ensure the consumer is purchasing an excellent quality product. The chandlers at Rich Hill pride themselves on the clean, consistent, fragrant flame that is the most important selling feature our product is renowned for. This recipe adds up to a loyal customer base that returns again and again to savour the best all Canadian handcrafted candles-the pride of Muskoka!

While in our store, why not handcraft your own wax souvenir in our candle factory while you watch our chandlers in action, get a close up view of our antique taper dipping carousel from our panoramic windows, or just peruse our shop where candles and holders range from bizarre to beautiful. Come experience a sight and scent safari as you browse through an endless variety of trinkets, treasures, and gifts.