Paddle Like a Girl

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My goal is simple; to help more women of all shapes, ages, and backgrounds discover the peace and beauty that mother nature has to offer.

I’m not talking about going for a hike in the valley, or pitching a tent beside your car (though both are fine options). I mean really get out into nature. Because there is nothing more soul-cleansing than navigating your way across lakes and down rivers, portaging deeper into the wilderness, away from the crowds and the stresses of everyday life and proving that you can rise to these challenges and then rewarding yourself with a glass of wine by the fire beneath the stars.

This is a canoeing workshop by women for women, a weekend all about learning and building the skills required to plan and execute a backcountry canoe trip. Learn and practice skills without judgement, converse and make friends with like-minded women, inspire and be inspired. Take your backcountry game to the next level; unleash your inner badass and Paddle Like a Girl.