Driftwood Paddle Algonquin

Access Point #1, Algonquin Park, South River, Ontario

Locally owned and operated by the Kelly Brothers and located on the park’s north-west entrance, as professional and experienced guides, we steer you on authentic journeys through picturesque places you’ve never been before. Freely immerse yourself in the untouched rhythm of the wild. Unplug from the everyday and find a deeper connection. Journey down winding rivers, across lakes dotted with islands as you explore Algonquin’s sanctuary for wildlife. Discover the perfect place to camp under the vast night sky and enjoy the splendors of innovative campfire cuisine.

Driftwood Paddle Algonquin’s custom all-inclusive guided canoe experiences bring you nature’s wild with the ease of having routes, meals, and safety plans completed for you. We work with you to design trips that meet your individual and group goals, skills, and schedule! Trips range in length from 3-14+ days and can start any day of the week. Suitable for all abilities and experience levels. We recommend that you are comfortable being active at a moderate pace for up to 4 consistent hours.

Our trips are led by experienced and professional guides who take care of preparation, planning, safety, cooking, gear, and navigation, leaving you more time to enjoy the experience. Learn techniques for paddling, backcountry survival, low impact camping, route navigation, foraging, and how to track local wildlife.