Canadian Shield Granite

1069 Burlmarie Rd, Baysville, Ontario

Canadian Shield Granite is the work of Gil & Christine Moore and all works provided within have all been hand-crafted by us in our home here in Northern Ontario. All the granite used in our products is found here on the wild landscapes in and around Muskoka. We then cut the granite with a diamond saw to various sizes and hand polish with up to 14 different diamond grits to achieve the final natural polish. We suggest that you use mineral oil (a few drops and then wipe off with a soft cloth) to enhance the colour and natural shine.

Our paintings are hand-painted on a variety of different materials, including granite. We try to embrace the natural tones and patterns that prevail in the material, using the natural grain to define the final painting, truly making every piece different and individually inspired. You can find us at a variety of local farmers’ markets throughout the season, and can order online through our website as well.