Camp Bongopix

79 Galeairy Lake Rd, Whitney, Ontario

Camp Bongopix is a place to rewind, slow down, turn off your cell phone, and hang out with the people you’re on vacation with. We are a husband and wife team and we love what we do. We love the wild. This is what draws everyone to Whitney. Our location is right on Galeairy Lake – a lake that connects directly with Algonquin Park. You can canoe into Algonquin from our dock, or you can drive into the park in 5 minutes and explore a plethora of trails along the park’s Highway 60 corridor. Or you can borrow one of our bikes and check out some rural backroads. Go exploring!

Our cabins were built in the late 1950s and we fully intend to preserve their retro character. We revere the past and our cabins are meticulously decorated with a 70s/80s retro aesthetic. The cabins are stocked with retro goodies such as VCRs, Nintendo, and vinyl/audio cassettes/CDs. Our mission is to recreate the classic cottage experience that seems to have disappeared with the advent of Muskoka-style cottage mansions and luxury resorts.