Board’s Honey Farm

6892 Hwy 534 , Restoule, Ontario

At Board’s Honey Farm, we believe that the honeybee is an amazing creature. Our 300 colonies are situated in the scenic, pristine and unpolluted countryside of Northern Ontario’s Loring-Restoule region. The bees pollinate old farming fields, cattle fields and non-industrial farming areas that are known for not using pesticides. Here on the farm we produce a diverse inventory of tasty, healthy and useful products. What we extract, prepare or make contains something from the hive: honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis or royal jelly.

The ancient knowledge of apitherapy, or using honey and other products from the hive to heal the body, is a gift from the hive we want to share with our customers. Master Beekeeper, Stefan Board, has studied to achieve his Level One Apitherapy Certificate. His willingness to help and to share his knowledge and success stories is sure to entertain and teach many about the pharmaceuticals nature has given us for millions of years thanks to the honey bee. Drop by. You’ll be amazed by the industrious honey bee and the wonderful gifts they give us.