Our Great Outdoors

Beauty, eh?

There’s something truly unique about the wilderness region north of Toronto. From Algonquin Park in the east (Canada’s oldest provincial park) to the UNESCO-designated Georgian Bay Biosphere in the west, here you’ll find some stunning and pristine landscapes that are second to none in the country. Maybe that’s why Muskoka has ranked with National Geographic Traveler in their Best of The World rankings…)

Anchoring every corner of this beautiful destination are thousands of sparkling blue lakes and rivers, which you’ll find everywhere you look. A paddler’s paradise, this is the perfect place to relax on a stand up paddle board, in a kayak or canoe.

With hundreds of trails found here as well across sundry terrain, hiking is also one of the favourite activities you can enjoy in this neck of the Ontario woods. Watch for plenty of wildlife as you go along, and be sure to have your camera ready, especially in one of our national, provincial or private parks. (And out on the water, watch and listen for the iconic Canadian loon singing its soulful song before silently diving beneath the surface.)

Hanging out on a dock is by far the favourite activity of visitors to the region; just being lakeside sends you deep into relaxation mode right away.  Most accommodations here have water toys and equipment you can use, and usually someone has left a well thumbed book lying around to tuck into.

Ontario’s outdoors is pristine and serene, and to experience it is to remember it forever. Plan your great Canadian wilderness vacation today and discover what makes it so different from anywhere else in the world.

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