February 24 – Gourmet Marché Snowshoe Tour

The Tawingo Outdoor Centre eagerly announces the return of its celebrated Gourmet Marché Snowshoe Tour for its third year, joining the ranks of nationwide outdoor culinary extravaganzas. All you need to bring are snowshoes and a craving for delectable delights crafted by Muskoka’s talented chefs!

This event encapsulates the quintessence of living in Muskoka: the camaraderie of friends, the splendour of our natural surroundings, and the indulgence in uniquely prepared, sumptuous cuisine!

For the epicureans among us (yes, that’s you!), the choice is yours—to snowshoe at your leisure, don fun costumes, and savour delectable dishes presented by local chefs at five stations across marked routes. Additionally, participants can qualify for enticing door prizes, all while contributing to the noble cause of supporting the Huntsville Hospital Foundation!

For complete event details please follow the link provided.

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