Waaseyaa Cultural Tours

Algonquin Park

Waaseyaa Cultural Tours is dedicated to reviving and celebrating Indigenous knowledge and culture-based practices through educational opportunities and experiential tourism.

Waaseyaa Cultural Tours was created in 2018 to enhance the awareness and understanding of Algonquin Anishinaabeg history and culture throughout unceded Algonquin territory and beyond.

All tours offered by Waaseyaa Consulting are completely customized to the unique needs, abilities and interests of clients. Experiences offered include guided interpretive forest walks, storytelling, and workshops featuring tactile components such as replica stone tools and beadwork.

Guided tours include Algonquin Peoples History, Medicinal Plant Walk, Omàmiwinini Wiigwas Chiiman (Algonquin Birch Bark Canoe) Along the Madawaska, Amik (Beaver) in Nature & Culture, and How “Indian” is Indian Summer?, in addition to completely customised tours.

To learn more, please visit https://waaseyaaculturaltours.com or reach out by email at [email protected].