Sky-Mazing Parasail Adventures

1100 Bay St, Gravenhurst, Ontario

Find Sky-Mazing Parasail Adventures and their larger parasail boat located at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst at the end of Dock C from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving. Our new parasailing only location at Lake Muskoka offers some interesting views of historic settlements and lavish real estate on the waterways. You have to walk past our friends at Boston Pizza to register at our small tent on the dock.

Experience the Ontario parasailing adventure of a lifetime! Take in a breathtaking view from high above the lake with the unparalleled sensation of being airborne. The exhilaration of your first flight is a lifetime experience you will never forget! Our state-of-the-art parasail winch boats lets you take off and land right on the boat. Utilizing a hydraulic winch, you are slowly and gently reeled out from the flight deck located on the boat and after an incredible and scenic flight you are then reeled back to the vessel’s flight deck. With this revolutionary winch system you don’t even get wet…unless you want too! Ask your captain for the “dip” and get a refreshing light splash as your toes tickle the surface of the water before you get vertical again.