Hatchets Rowing Centre

2 James Bartleman Way, Port Carling, Ontario

Hatchets Rowing Centre is located at Duke’s in Port Carling, the hub of the lakes in Muskoka. We are on the Indian River on one of the best waterways in Canada, connected to all three large lakes in Muskoka. If you live in Muskoka for any stretch of time and have yet to experience rowing, you need to come and try it out! Rowing is one of the best low impact full body workouts out there, for ages 9 to 99. Our programs will help you learn to row, get faster, meet other rowers and future rowers, improve your technique, enjoy nature and your surroundings or whatever your goals may be.

Hatchets was founded by Kathy McCarthy and Jeremy Fowler, who since rowing in high school had both envisioned a rowing centre that served the community in building fitness, health and on water enjoyment and also served as a tripping centre for unforgettable wilderness experiences. Please join us this year in the powerful, fluid and centering sport of rowing. You’ve always wanted to, what are you waiting for?