Dent Bay Baking Company

4 River St, Parry Sound, Ontario

Opening 2023 – Date TBA

Dent Bay Baking Company produces Artisan handmade sourdough breads and craft pastries. With a commitment to seasonal ingredients sourced from local growers, Dent Bay Baking offers naturally leavened sourdough and specialty baked goods for the everyday treat and special occasion alike.

As nature features predominantly in the locale, organic ingredients and natural leavening are at the foundation of our breads and pastries – sourced whenever possible from local growers, producers and farmers. We endeavour to provide what we believe are nourishing, wholesome, heartfelt baked goods and it’s our hope you will see, taste and feel the care and enthusiasm that sparked this enterprise and continue to be infused into each and every bake.

Dent Bay Baking employs European and Californian culinary influences and traditions, yet it is truly of the place – of Georgian Bay – in its inception and identity.