Cheesus Murphy and the Grateful Bread

25846 Hwy 35, Dwight, Ontario

Ever since Cheesus crawled out of the bayou she’s been spanking out some of the most innovative and exotic grilled cheese samiches ever eaten outta a Dwight food truck. Cheesus may have been born on the wrong side of a spatula but my, oh, my, when she is behind the grill, you can just feel that hot cheese dripping down onto your gluten! Come over early as Cheesus’s brews up one of her “Feel like Shit Sunday Specials” which is usually a bad-ass poutine. Slam back a Virgin Detox Sunday Breakfast Caesar to voodoo away that hangover. Chow down on Cheesus’s awesome pimped-up grilled cheese sandwiches plus her organasmic street food with a twist. Her trailer-made burgers earn rave reviews, her hot, foot-long dogs are one of a kind! Cheesus loves loud music, friendly people, and blasting away on her bullhorn. Many of Cheesus’ great products are now available for retail purchase. Take home her hot jalapenões and some jerk sauce … and get slathered.