Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society

112 Midlothian Rd, Burk's Falls , Ontario

The Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society are a non-profit group of people from the Village of Burk’s Falls, Township of Ryerson & the Township of Armour area who are dedicated to the preservation of our local history. We operate two Heritage Centres in the community and hold special events throughout the year. We are always interested in acquiring donations of historical items relating to the area and would welcome your participation in our activities.

Discover the past in two ways with the Burk’s Falls and District Historical Society. Go back to school at the Wiseman’s Corner Schoolhouse in Ryerson Township, complete with desks, chalkboard, and an antique bell. Then, step into another era at the Watt Century Farmhouse in Armour Township, a re-creation of an early 1900s-homestead. See Burk’s Falls through the eyes of those who settled here 125 years ago.