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Algonquin Outfitters’ maintains the largest selection of outfitting equipment, canoes and camping supplies, as well as the largest rental canoe fleet, along with kayaks and even four 26 Voyageur canoes for group outings. With a wide range of camping and canoeing gear, bikes and accessories in the rental program, Algonquin Outfitters is set up to outfit almost any wilderness adventure.

Guide for a Day (available May 1 – Late September) 
One of our experienced guides will accompany your group for the first day of your trip, helping you pack and prepare, reviewing the route in detail, as well as assisting with permits and other pre-departure details. Along the way, the guide will teach skills like loading canoes, portaging techniques, paddling strokes, basic navigation, campsite selection and organization. Once you are safely established on your first campsite with dinner cooking, the guide will depart, allowing you to finish the trip on your own, equipped with new skills and increased confidence.

Package available from $265 per group. For complete package details click here.

Custom Guided Canoe Trip (available May 1 – Late September) 
Considering a canoe trip with a guide? Whether it’s for just a few days or several, a Custom Guided Canoe Trip is an excellent choice for families or groups of friends who want the higher degree of comfort that comes with having a knowledgeable, personable and experienced guide along on their wilderness adventure. A guided trip allows beginners to relax and safely enjoy what can be an intimidating wilderness environment. People with previous canoeing or camping experience find that having a guide along encourages them to take on a more challenging route and, during the trip, provides hands-on opportunities to enhance their canoe-camping skills. Families find that having a guide with them to take care of the basic daily details of canoe-camping gives them more time to enjoy and share special wilderness experiences in Algonquin Park.

Package available from $530 per person. For complete package details click here.

Lightweight Canoe Trip Outfitting (available May 1 – October 15)
If you don’t like the idea of lugging heavy canoes and excess gear over portages, then this is the package for you. The Lightweight Canoe Trip Outfitting package is our best value and perfect for any Algonquin Park trip that involves numerous portages, where weight is a big consideration. Algonquin Outfitters has long been the industry leader for renting quality lightweight canoes. Our Lightweight Outfitting package includes a special menu plan and all the equipment needed for a safe and comfortable canoe trip! You can choose between two different canoe models, depending on your budget, trip choice and canoeing experience.

Package available from $170 per person. For complete package details click here.

Deluxe Canoe Trip Outfitting (available May 1 – October 15) 
Some people might try to convince you that “luxury” and “canoe trip” are terms that don’t go together. We won’t! Our Deluxe Canoe Trip Outfitting package has the perfect blend of comfort and wilderness for Algonquin Park canoe trippers seeking an enjoyable backcountry camping experience. Let Algonquin Outfitters set you up with some of the best food and equipment you’ll find on any canoe trip, anywhere. This package is best suited for “base camp” type trips or groups wanting a little extra comfort after a tough day of travel. Featherweight Kevlar canoes, premium gear, comfortable sleeping pads and our deluxe menu plan top off this complete outfitting package.

Package available from $205 per person. For complete package details click here.

Ultimate Canoe Trip Outfitting (available May 1 – October 15) 
Ultimate Canoe Trip Outfitting is designed for the first-time canoe tripper or anyone who desires the finest equipment, food and service package available in Algonquin Park or anywhere! From planning to packing, Algonquin Outfitters will help with every aspect of your canoe trip. An upgrade to the popular Deluxe Outfitting, the Ultimate Outfitting package offers the most personal attention you can get, short of a guided trip. Our staff will assist you with the entire canoe trip process, from initial preparations and route planning to the final packing of your gear. We’ll make sure all the vital details are taken care of for you!

Package available from $235 per person. For complete package details click here.

Backpacker Trip Outfitting (available May 1 – October 15) 
Another excellent way to explore Algonquin Park is on foot! Pack your tent, sleeping bag, gear and food into a backpack and check out Algonquin Park’s extensive network of backpacking trails. Although Algonquin Outfitters is renowned for custom canoe trips in Algonquin Park, we can certainly help those who choose to explore the park with their hiking boots on.

Package available from $120 per person. For complete package details click here.

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