March 20 – The Sunday Art Zoomies with Janine Marson

Janine Marson artist event listing image

Grab your paints and brushes and paint along with Janine Marson in real time on Zoom during The Sunday Art Zoomies Series held Sunday’s, February 6th-March 27th from 1-2pm.

ArT Zoomie 1: February 6th The Art of Composing – Echinacea Flowers
ArT Zoomie 2: February 13th Value/Colour Patterns- Lily Pads and Flowers
ArT Zoomie 3: February 20th Brush Dancing – Fuchsia Flowers
ArT Zoomie 4: February 27th Lost and Found Edges – Island in the Mist
ArT Zoomie 5: March 6th Elusive Water – Oxtongue River Rapids
ArT Zoomie 6: March 13th Rugged Rocks – Brooks Falls
ArT Zoomie 7: March 20th Look to the Trees – Lower Oxtongue River Trees
ArT Zoomie 8: March 27th Glorious Sunsets – Sunset Skeleton Lake

For complete event details or to register please follow the link provided.

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