August 4 – Muskoka Chautauqua Summer Festival Opening & Welcome

Join in to kick-off the 2023 summer festival, including welcome, introductions and program highlights from our festival programmers.

4:00 – Welcome by Glad Bryce, Chair of Muskoka Chautauqua

4:05 – Land Acknowledgment and blessing from Mohawk First Nations

4:10 – Sponsor Recognition – Gayle Dempsey, Director of Development

4:15 – Welcome and highlights of the music program – Gary Froude, CEO

4:20 – Highlights of the art program – Susan Hindle

4:30 – Highlights of the literary program – Carol Newell

4:35 – Highlights of the film and lecture series program – Sean Dempsey, Festival Designer

4:40 – Highlights of the performing arts program – Joan Bendon, Festival Director

4:45 – Closing – Joan Bendon, Festival Director

For complete event details please follow the link provided.

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