The Butcher’s Daughters

260 Muskoka Rd S, Gravenhurst, Ontario
The Butcher's Daughters business listing image

It has been our great pleasure and passion to serve residents and visitors of the Muskoka area for more than 30 years at The Butcher’s Daughters. We are, perhaps, best known for our home-made soups: we have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kid-friendly and, of course, meat-a-tarian options; something for everyone.

Our fridges/freezers are also full of delicious house-made goodness; oven-ready meals, frozen thin-crust pizzas, fresh salads, marinated meats, deli meats, burgers, sausages, fruit pies, carrot cake and a host of other good things that you will want to take home. Our shelves are full of great grocery staples, as well as a few esoteric treats that may delight the foodie in your family.